The SCORES Academy is already on track with the participation of 350 athletes and 150 coaches. Besides, several European organizations from Finland, Italy, Bulgaria, and Spain which means that a total of 500 athletes and 200 coaches are taking part in this Pilot program. The online training course for athletes and coaches is scheduled to end in the first quarter of 2021, but some organizations, such as the Tampere Sports Academy in Finland, have already certified athletes and coaches and some others are completing the course or about to finish.

Some feedback from course participants:

It was a great experience. He got a lot of information about the opportunities and also got credit for being able to manage a dual career in many different ways. Bringing one’s own strengths into working life became clearer, and identifying one’s own strengths really began with the course. Yes, I recommend taking the course. ” – Football player Julius Järvinen 

“I would definitely recommend the SCORES course to other athletes. The course comprehensively covers various, practical things that help to combine one’s sports career and work / study life. SCORES is a great opportunity to develop working and study skills specifically from the athlete’s point of view, which is usually lacking in school study guidance, for example. ” – Judoka Tommi Valtonen

“I recommend training to all athletes. I would think it would be most useful before the big steps, i.e. postgraduate studies or studies when transitioning to working life. In addition, I also recommend coaches / sports federations to look into these issues, because at least in our sport, a large portion quit at these great steppes. This would bring permanence and also athletes a little older than us to stay involved in the sport. ” – Hockey player Viivi Vartia-Koivisto

SCORES is a pioneering initiative in Europe that aims to connect academic experts, volunteers, representatives of sports organizations and the business sector.

The main goal of the project is to raise awareness and improve support for young athletes in their sports career and career during and after sports practice. In this way, the program wants to promote the recognition of informal education acquired by athletes during their career to increase their job opportunities outside the sports field.

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