On the 19th of March, students majoring in Sports Management at the National Sports Academy Vasil Levski (Bulgaria’s higher education institution specializing in teaching physical education) received a webinar presenting the activities of the SCORES project, funded by the Erasmus + Sport program of the European Commission. Vanina Milanova, General Secretary of the Levski-Sport for All Association and President of the European Association of Multi-Sport Clubs (EMCA) conducted the presentation.  

Milanova paid special attention to the main preparatory stages of the project:

Focus groups – Specialists from the University of Amsterdam discuss with representatives of employers, coaches, current and former athletes, national characteristics and difficulties in building skills and realizing a double career of athletes in Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Finland.


Questionnaire for athletes – A survey on the values, competencies and skills that elite athletes have acquired in sports and the shortcomings of active sports in the labour market through a questionnaire distributed by the coordinators.

Training for coaches – Lecturers from the University of Amsterdam conducted training seminars for coaches in Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Finland to build skills to support the dual career of athletes.Sports Academy – The online training platform SCORES Academy is divided into two modules for coaches and athletes and developed in English, Bulgarian, Spanish, Italian, Catalan and Finnish. Milanova instructed the students on how to register and use the platform

More information available at http://scoressport.eu/academy/

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