Sant Cugat Creix (SCC) (Spain)

Sant Cugat Creix (SCC) is a non-for-profit association set up in May 2014 by four sporting bodies of the municipality of Sant Cugat: Club Volleyball Sant Cugat, Club Rugby Sant Cugat, Roller Hockey Club Sant Cugat, and Junior FC Club Sant Cugat. Sant Cugat Creix is a significant promoter of this initiative, as for more than four years has been collaborating with ESADE Business School in linking sport, research and business. 

In this sense, the city of Sant Cugat has a wide network of organizations involved in sports with amateur to elite professional athletes competing in the first national leagues, a centre of sports performance (Centre d’Alt Rendiment (CAR)), a powerful business sector, universities, etc. embedded within a collaborative and suitable environment to develop initiatives such as the SCORES project.

The aim of the association is:

  • To represent the non-for-profit clubs of the city, and provide them with a global and comprehensive system of training from initiation categories to high-competition teams;
  • Represent all its members in the defence, promotion and training in sport, as well as other collective actions for a social benefit;
  • Provide the city of Sant Cugat with an actor that preserves this sport model oriented to formation and training;
  • Promote the visibility of the city through sport;

Sant Cugat Creix represents directly more than  3,000 athletes, 12,000 relatives,  500 coaches and more than  300 teams bringing the city name.