Municipality of Modena

The City Modena is the local authority governing Modena, a city of about 185.000 inhabitants located in the Emilia-Romagna Region – Northern Italy. 

It is a public institution whose aims and fields of action are very varied. The City of Modena has a  great sporting tradition: there are a large number of associations with the highest quality that collaborate with the government to ensure that citizens offer quality sports and full of opportunities. Moreover, the city believes that sport is essential for healthy lifestyles, an extraordinary tool for social cohesion and therefore an important part of the welfare for its own community.

The Municipality of Modena owns about 75 sporting grounds, including 33 indoor gyms, 14 football fields, 3 multi-purpose indoor courts, an indoor track and field facility, a sport center, a football field approved for UEFA cup competitions, a rugby and a baseball stadium, two swimming facilities with 7 pools overall (two 25-metre pools, one 50-metre pool and other pools for schools and fitness activities).

Sport facilities are managed by sporting associations, who use them to offer a range of disciplines to the general public, from the most popular sports like football and volleyball, basketball, fencing, track and field, artistic gymnastics to less popular sports such as archery, baseball and martial arts.