Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) (The Netherlands)

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) is based in The Netherlands, in the city of Amsterdam.
AUAS has a long history with elite sports and education.

Since the end of last century, it has been the leading institution in The Netherlands in developing flexible study possibilities for elite athletes or athletes with special requirements. In 1999 in cooperation with the world-renowned footballer Johan Cruijff, AUAS started the Johan Cruyff University (JCU) in the field of Sport Economics. In 2014, the board of AUAS has agreed to extent this athlete dual career service over the whole university.
This means that athletes can systematically use dual career services in every course of their own choice.
This marks an important step representing the result of the national policy which AUAS has developed in close cooperation with the Dutch National Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF) and other universities within the “Flexible Education for Elite Athletes” program (FLOT).
This national policy is based on the EU Guidelines on Dual Career of Athletes (European Commission, 2013).