To certify the training completed and submitted, SCORES Academy will use the Open Badges platform. This is a Mozilla program to document and achieve digital recognition of the qualities and achievements obtained outside the academic field. The program makes it extremely easy to earn and display badges on the web through a technical infrastructure and / or post them on employer networks via LinkedIn. In this way it helps people of all ages to obtain and demonstrate 21st century qualities and be able to access a new career or new educational opportunities.

SCORES PROGRAM FOR ATHLETES: What do I learn? The program comprises the following:

– to prepare you to make choices in educational as well as job related itineraries.
– to explore your own soft skills and competences and maximize them.
– to explore how sports helps developing these soft skills and competences.
– to explore the work environment and the skills needed.
– to learn how to maximize the skills developed in sports for labor market;
– to work with coaches and other athletes who are in a similar situation preparing for the next step in education and/or the labor market.

SCORES PROGRAM FOR TRAINERS: What do I learn? The program comprises the following:

be an interactive workshop to train coaches who train athletes in learning (new) competences and skills;
– to explore your own coaching competences and how to maximize them;
– to connect with the athletes and create an impact instead of one-way communication;
– to use different coaching methods to enhance athletes’ competences and skills on a holistic level;
– to work with athletes who have a dual career and/or are preparing for a combination of sport and school or the labor market

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