Sant Cugat. Barcelona.
Celebrated the 1st transnational meeting of the SCORES project held at the Hotel Sant Cugat, led by the University of Amsterdam of Applied Sciences (AUAS) where we have gathered different discussion groups:

  • Athletes and veteran Athletes.
  • Coaches and sports managers, sports psychologists and other professionals / people who closely monitor the activities of young athletes.
  • Business Managers and Business Employers

The different debates and discussions have served to determine the values, abilities and competences developed when practicing sports on the one hand and the ones required by the labor market on the other hand.

The goal of these “Focus Groups” is to determine successful aspects of different programs that can be incorporated into the central pilot training program. The aim is to stress on the abilities, necessary to achieve a successful transition into the labor market and find mechanisms to reinforce them.

These meetings with AUAS will be held by all the partners in each country, the Finnish academy Tampere Sports, the City of Modena (Italy), the Bulgarian Levski-Sport for All club, the European Platform for Sports Innovation (Belgium) and the University of Amsterdam.

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